Member Support

The 11 member Institutes of the Global Accounting Alliance are pleased to announce that in future members of any one Institute will be able to receive professional support when working in another country covered by the GAA. The 11 Institutes have each agreed to host visitors from other GAA Institutes when domiciled in their jurisdiction.

This significant development will mean that in a world where professional accountants regularly move around the world their membership of their home Institute will not only entitle them to support at home, but in addition if they are working in a country covered by a GAA Institute they will receive much of the support that Institute provides to its own members for no extra fee.

All members of GAA Institutes will be able to avail themselves of this additional service. This service reflects the global significance of the over 788,000 professional accountants covered by the Global Accounting Alliance and will help in ensuring their ongoing high standards of professional service.

“No matter which of the GAA Institutes is your home, you will be welcomed by any or all of the other GAA Institutes wherever your work takes you”, said Garry Muriwai, Founding Chairman of the Global Accounting Alliance.

Member Offerings from GAA Institutes

The following is a list of the types of benefits available through GAA allied institutions. Benefits will vary depending on the particular institute and their member benefits program.

  • Institute magazine – electronic
  • Institute magazine – hard copy at member subscription rates
  • Electronic newsletters – including events, technical updates, etc.
  • Training and development – at member rates
  • Networking events – at member rates
  • Access to facilities such as meeting rooms – at member rates
  • Affinity products (where agreements permit) – at member rates
  • Members only website
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Library and information services
  • Participation in regional groups
  • Participation in special interest groups (subject to meeting standards for admission) – at member rates

Please contact the particular institute of the country you are visiting for details of their offerings.