How Much Are Wheels in Australian

Invented in the copper age, wheels are the most important element when talking about transport on the land. It comes in different styles and is made up of different materials. There is a huge variety of wheels in the world of automobiles. Each different type is made specifically for a particular model. Here is an article that will help you understand wheels and their prices depending on the Australian market.


Steel Wheels


Steel wheels are the most common type of wheels. These are very cheap and are used in mostly vintage cars. The use of steel wheels are less as it increases the weight of the automobile. The price of steel wheels in the Australian market varies from A$109 to A$119 per wheel.


Alloy Wheels


Alloy wheels are generally kept aside for the best models by the manufacturers. These are extremely durable and do not increase the weight of the automobile. These are made up by mixing aluminium or magnesium with nickel. The price of alloy wheels in Australia varies from A$260 to A$ 450 per wheel.


Multi-piece Wheels


Multi-piece wheels are generally made up of more than 2 parts and are detachable whenever needed. These generally have a rim and wheel face attached together. These wheels are heavier than others and are adjustable according to the automobile. The price of multi-piece wheels in Australia varies from A$290 to A$380 per wheel.


Replica Wheels (OEM Style)


Oem wheels are made by a method called gravity casting. These are generally the replica of another already existing wheel but are made 95% accurate visually and in structure. These are cheaper than the original ones but are absolutely the same when it comes to working. The price of OEM wheels in Australia varies from$275 to $450 per wheel.

With so many different types of wheels Australia, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your automobile. So here are the prices marked according to the Australian market to help you choose the best for your automobile.