Best credit card information in Australia

When it comes to finding a new credit card, only to be removed because you are a temporary/non-resident category, the temperature is definitely starting to rise and not just that shown on mercury.


Taking a few steps back, it is important to look at the history of Australian finance and why things are like this. Australia’s banking environment was deregulated in the 1980s, resulting in a much more competitive environment and a better deal for the borrower. This is great news for residents and non-residents, as it means more variety of products and lenders to choose from. Good news so far, we heard you say.


So, how does a temporary or non-resident agent apply for a credit card? If you are shopping, there are indeed many lenders who tend to give credit cards to non-residents and temporary citizens, obviously under some approved criteria.


The ANZ Credit Card is just one of those credit cards available to Australian residents and non-residents over 18 years of age and with good credit. Generally, a permanent Australian resident requires an annual minimum wage of US $ 15,000 and non-Australian / temporary residents need a typical minimum wage of US $ 50,000 +. That is the unfortunate catch. You often send your application online and expect a delivery note to be delivered if you do not meet the wage requirements criteria frequently. The bank/seller will contact you to discuss your circumstances and advise you on whether you can still apply.


American Express currently accepts residents on a 457 visa. This is a temporary business visa, as it is usually sponsored by an employer to give you the right to work and temporarily reside in Australia.


If you are a 457 visa, an American Express credit card may be suitable for your needs and circumstances. As per the final impression, Amex shows that you are entitled to request any card within your reach if you meet the 457 vision requirements for non-residents and still meet the general income requirements.


Aussie Mastercard is another credit card that allows temporary / non-permanent residents to apply for their credit card if you earn $ 50,000 and above the specified income limit. Currently, Aussie offers a lot with the Aussie MasterCard, introducing a low fee and an annual fee. Visit our website to know more about our services